Duda The Bricklayer is a drummer (autodidact) from Brazil.

Born in Serrana – São Paulo and is living in Germany since 2015.

With 16 years of stage, studio and different productions experiences playing for a great number of artists in many different music genres.

In 2015 he was selected to play on the Brazil Tour and then was invited to play in the Europe Tour with the American band Lord Bishop Rocks. The band exist since 1999 and the business office is in Germany. In 2016 he became the band’s fixed drummer. Since this time Duda The Bricklayer is living in Germany and is playing in many tours around the world. He has been playing in around 30 Countries.

Drummer of Lord Bishop Rocks since 2015 playing in many countries around the world.

Professional Artistic Overview

Drummer, drum teacher, producer and coordinator of events and festivals since 2004.

Member of CECAC (Cultural Center of Activism) since 2004 by organizing and teaching classes of drums, instruments and musical workshops for students, members and bands.

Member of the production team of CECAC events and cultural festivals since 2004.

Music teacher and coordinator of CECAC free Music Class Evandro Silva

Responsible Coordinator of the Studio Redson Pozzi having such duties as maintenance equipment, instruments and equipment budgets, direct instructions and teachings about handling tools and any equipment for all students and all the bands projects.

Coordinator of the stage, backstage and logistics plans of the Caipiro Rock Festival (2005 to 2015 editions) and events CECAC since 2005.

Coordinator of the backstage for the Fagulha Festival of Integrated Arts (2013).

Artistic Career

Drummer of the Dias Mortos band (2006-2015)

Drummer of the PPA band (2008-2012)

Drummer of the Ibis band (2008-2010)

Drummer of the Oliveira Junkie band (2009)

Drummer of the Cane’s Foot band (2011-2015)

Drummer for the singer André Cuba (2012-2014)

Drummer for the singer Tulio Torres (2012-2014)

Drummer for the singer Felipe Marques (2012-2015)

Drummer for the singer Thiago Souza (2012-2015)

Drummer of the Lord Bishop Rocks (2015-2019)

Drummer Free Lancer of Peu Fernandes, Maic de la Rocha e Rodrigo Lanceloti (2018)

Drummer of the Lord Bishop Rocks 2019


Dias Mortos

– Vendo (Single) ft. Rodrigo (Dead Fish Band Singer)

– Olhe ao Redor (EP)

– O que fazer (Single)

– Destruir Castelos (EP)


– Orgulho Nunca Passa (Album)

Oliveira Junkie

– Flor de Maio (EP)

Felipe Marques

– Passar o rodo (Video clip)

Maic de la Rocha

– Eu Quero é Funk (Single)

Peu Fernandes

– Influencias (Album)

Lord Bishop Rocks

– Wax (Video Clip)

– Paranoid (Video Clip)

– Love Ya (Album)

– Heavy 10 (Album) mixed by Jack Endino feat Eric Galles.